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Welcome to the very first post in the series, 'Did You Know?'! As a member of ABNB, you have so many features and options available to you that it can be overwhelming!  We understand and want to make sure you're making the most out of your membership by taking advantage of all the features available to you.  So check back every week for more features...some will be new and some may have been around all along, going unnoticed.  


The first feature we'd like to share is for our ABNB @ Home users (which really should be everyone, because once you have all your finances at your fingertips 24/7...you won't know what you ever did without it!). e-Lerts can keep you in-the-know about all your account happenings, so you never miss a beat!  What can you use e-Lerts for, you're wondering? Here are a few examples, a complete listing may be found in your ABNB @ Home account:

  • When a loan payment is past due
  • When a loan balance goes above a specified value
  • When a check in specified range clears
  • When your account balance goes below a certain amount
  • Or receive daily balances on your share and/or checking accounts

Receive as many e-Lerts as you'd like or choose just 1 or 2 that are most important to you.  Setting them up is easy, just follow these steps for each e-Lert:

  • Log in to your ABNB @ Home account
  • Select Account Services
  • Select Notifications
  • eLerts Options
  • Add eLert
  • Select the elert you would like
  • Click Add e Lert on the bottom
  • Select Continue
  • Click Yes to "Are you sure you want to add this e-Lert?"

If you need any assistance setting up your e-Lerts, feel free to call and speak with an ABNB representative at 757-523-5300.

Also, don't forget to join the discussion on Facebook and Twitter to let us know what other e-Lerts you'd like to see offered! 


Submitted by Chelsea on

I had asked a question about the e-lerts about getting texts instead of emails about my balance and i got a call back and the lady said she could fix it for me but if i had any other questions to just go here, but the only thing she had sent by text to my phone was when someone logged into my account, not my balance e-lert and there is nothing about texts on the blog so i did not find this very helpful.

Submitted by ABNBfcu on

Hi Chelsea!  Please give us a call or fill out the form on the Contact Us page so we can get in touch with you regarding this.  We don't currently have e-lerts available by text.  The e-lerts available through your ABNB@Home account are sent through email only.  

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