About Us

About ABNB

Open. Honest. Hardworking.

The other guys are open for business. But we say we're open for people, not for profits and gain. In fact, we've helped our members SAVE more than $48 million since 2011 by refinancing their crazy high interest loans.

Credit unions are just like that. And our credit union is open to you. (That's right, we don't require that you be a part of a particular organization in order to be a member here.) Anyone in Greater Hampton Roads and NE North Carolina can sign up for an account.

Open an account online today!

Our Purpose

To be our members most trusted lifetime financial partner.

Our Mission

Delivering financial services in a manner that improves our members' lives and benefits our community.

Our Value Statement 

Trust earned through integrity.

What Our Members Are Saying

    "Transferring my financial accounts to ABNB has been one of the best decisions I have made.

    Their professionalism, politeness and personal attention to detail have proven to be quite beneficial for me when planning for savings and investments."

    “That extra $73 a month is a really big help, especially with the cost of groceries and gas constantly going up! It’s that little extra that pays for us to go out to eat every once in a while. We’re just so thankful for this, in the big picture…it’s such a big deal. All thanks to ABNB!”

    “We came in to do a quick transaction, when the teller told us she could save us some money on our new car loan. We found out that by refinancing our original car loan with ABNB, we could save over $20,000 in interest. Personally, the savings has relieved a huge financial burden for us.”

    "I came to ABNB's Fairfield branch and they were a great help setting up my new account and explaining how different a credit union is from a traditional bank. They were also able to consolidate my credit cards when my other bank would not help me.

    Best move I could have made to choose ABNB and leave the traditional banking behind! Thanks ABNB Fairfield!"