Personal Protection and Safety

We would like our members to be safe and secure when making transactions at ATMs and Night Depositoties.  The following are some important safety tips to use when using ATMs and the Night Depository.

  • Prepare for the transactions at home to lessen the time you will need to spend at the ATM.
  • Observe the area around the ATM or night depository before making your transaction. Avoid suspicious circumstances or poorly lit locations.
  • Have your card or deposit in hand before approaching the ATM or night depository facility.
  • Stand close to the ATM when making your transaction. Do not allow anyone to see your Personal Identification Number or transaction amount. When your transaction is completed, pocket your card, receipt and money and move away quickly.
  • For Drive-Up ATMs or Night Depositories, be secure by keeping your engine running, doors locked and windows up while waiting in line. Observe the area around your car before rolling down your window. Leave enough room between cars for a quick exit if necessary and drive away immediately if you see anything suspicious.

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