Debit Cards

ABNB Debit Cards for checking accounts make accessing your money simple!

They can be used anywhere VISA is accepted and double as your ATM card. Plus, you have the option to customize your card! See below for more details.


These days you can personalize just about anything....why shouldn't that be true for your debit card too? After all, you use it everyday, multiple times a day, why not have a debit card that express who you are or what's important to you? With ABNB Custom Photo Cards, you can do just that. It's quick, easy, convenient, and only $7.00!

How does it work?

  • Once you're here to get started.
  • Enter the required account information, then click, "Submit Information and Design Your Card".
  • Upload your own photo or select an image from our gallery, then position it how you want.  (Just make sure the image extends to the edges of card!)
  • Then click 'Preview' to make sure it looks exactly how you want!  If you're satisfied, click 'Submit'.
  • That's it!  Your card will be ready for pick up at the branch you selected within 1 business day.

Occasionally, ABNB members experience fraudulent transactions on their Visa Debit Cards that is generated from overseas countries. To protect members' accounts, the credit union will block all Visa Debit Card transactions coming from a country in which the fraud is occurring. In addition, the credit union may feel the need to proactively fight identity theft and fraud by blocking signature based transactions with some foreign countries.

Currently, ABNB has Visa Debit Card transactions (PIN and Signature based) blocked in the following countries: Antigua, Bangladesh, Barbuda, Cuba, India, Nigeria, Qatar, South Africa, and Honduras

And, signature based transactions are currently blocked in the following countries: Canada, China, Cyprus, Indonesia, Japan, Macedonia, New Zealand, Peru, Phillipines, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Syrian Arab Republic, and Ukraine.




Online Purchasing Security Options:, Verified by Visa, and Secured by MasterCard are all options to secure your online shopping experience. Learn more →

Report a lost/stolen debit card: 
(800) 472-3272 
(Members outside of the U.S. should call 614-564-5105)

Initiate a fraud or dispute claim:
(855) 456-0019

If a fraudulent purchase is suspected on your debit card, Falcon/Enfact will contact you directly to verify the transaction. For your reference, to ensure this is a legitimate contact, the numbers that will appear on your caller ID are:
(866) 750-7107 or (866) 331-4199

If you need to call Enfact back the number you should call is:
(800) 262-2024 
(973) 682-2652 (Call collect if outside U.S.)

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(800) 443-1141
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