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Credit Card Balance Transfer


2 great cards with no transfer fee! Now's the time to save money by taking advantage of a great low rate credit card with ABNB. 

Consolidate your high interest credit card balances to a low rate ABNB card and save, or apply for a new low rate credit card with ABNB today to transfer your balances from other cards.

ABNB Credit Card Benefits:

BT19image_webpage-No Balance Transfer Fees
-No Annual Fees
-No Cash Advance Fee
-25 Day Grace Period
-Travel Insurance
-Bonus Points


I Do Not Have An ABNB Credit Card

I do not have a Credit Card with ABNB, can I still transfer my balances?

Of course! Fill out the form directly below if you would like to transfer balances from an outside financial institution to ABNB.

I Already Have An ABNB Credit Card

If you already have an ABNB Credit Card, fill out the form below to begin your balance transfer request.

*(APR) Annual Percentage Rate. Rate of 2.99%APR only eligible during promotion of 01/01/2019 - 06/30/2019. After promotional period ends on 12/31/2019, rate will return to original APR range of 8.49% - 18.00%. No annual fees or cash advance fees. Foreign transaction fees apply. All loans subject to approval. Rates may vary depending on credit worthiness. Some restrictions apply.