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Government Shutdown Assistance

USflagAs you know, a partial government shutdown is in place and it may affect some of our members. We will continue to monitor the situation and are continuing to take active steps to offer assistance to those who are directly affected by the shutdown on a case by case basis.

Here is what we're doing:
We've posted messages on our website and on social media asking members who are directly affected and may need help to call the Member Service Center at 757-523-5300 during regular business hours. That way, we can speak with you privately about what assistance you may need.

ABNB has also donated $5,000 each to the Chief Petty Officers Associations of the Coast Guard: Hampton Roads and Elizabeth City Chapters to assist local USCG families during the shutdown. In addition, ABNB staff are participating in Saturday pop-up food pantries to support affected families. 

Here's what we can offer members who are affected:
* Skip A Pay continues
* Provide a one time short term loan at 0% APR to cover direct deposits. You must have already established direct deposit to ABNB.


How do I qualify for these offers?

You're eligible if you're a federal government employee whose direct deposit of pay is impacted by the government shutdown.

Are government contractors eligible?

You may be eligible if your direct deposit is received directly from the federal government, was previously established with ABNB and you are impacted by the shutdown.

I'm a new member, am I eligible for assistance?

Yes, if you are a federal government employee affected by the shutdown who has previously established your direct deposit with ABNB.

How will Skip A Pay Work?

If you're eligible, it will work just like our Holiday Skip A Pay program where you select which loan you'd like to skip a payment. Remember the loan must be current in order to do Skip A Pay.

How will the loan work?

If eligible, ABNB will determine the loan amount based on your previous direct deposit amount to the credit union, and then will deposit the amount into the account(s) where your most recent direct deposit was processed. Also, ABNB will not check your credit or report information about this loan to the credit reporting agencies unless the loan goes unpaid.

How will I repay the loan?

ABNB will debit your account(s) for the exact amount loaned to you on the date that any back pay is made available to ABNB members via direct deposit or 60 days after you received the loan deposit, whichever is earlier.

What if I don't repay the loan?

If the full amount loaned to you is not available on the dates your account(s) is debited, your loan will become a Signature Loan at 8.99% and will be set up with a minimum payment of $50.00 and a maximum term of 24 months.

We're pleased to continue to assist you. Thank you for being a member.