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Do you have a question that you're not sure where to find the answer?  Or maybe you just want to hear the answer straight from your financial institution that you know you can trust.  Well here's the perfect place to start asking those questions!  Every week we'll be taking questions directly from you, our members!  Then come back the following week to find the answer.  For now, here are a few commonly asked questions... But don't forget to leave a comment here with any questions you may have!  We'll be sure to answer them in next week's post.  

Q.  "Since ABNB is a local credit union, how am I supposed to access my account when I'm not in the area?"

A.  This is an easy one!  As a member of a credit union that's a part of the Shared Credit Union Network, you have access to your account almost anywhere in the United States! Credit Union Service Center Logo Image The Shared Credit Union Network is a group of credit unions that have agreed to collaborate with one another in order to extend their services to members most effectively.  Basically, you're able to walk into any of the thousands of credit unions that are a part of the network and have access to your ABNB account.  When you're out of town, just go to www.CUServiceCenter.com to find the shared branch nearest to you.  They even have an app for you smartphone users, so you can have all the shared branches at your fingertips!  

ABNB mascot 'B' in 1996 at Member Appreciation DayQ.  "What in the world does ABNB stand for?!"

A. Well, it's a bit of a tongue twister... Amphibious Base Naval Base.  Way back when, we were associated with Naval Base Norfolk, so we were Naval Base Norfolk FCU, but in 1996 we merged with Amphibious Base FCU...making us ABNB Federal Credit Union.  Now that the Naval Base Norfolk is gone, we're no longer associated with a base...so the truth is...we're just ABNB.  It doesn't really stand for anything.  Unless you want to be creative and give us some ideas!  We're thinking 'Awesome But Not a Bank'.  

Q. "I'm able to speak English, but I'm much more comfortable speaking Spanish.  Are your tellers able to assist with bilingual members?"

A.  We're happy to assist our Spanish speaking members. So much so that we actually have an entire branch dedicated to our bilingual members.  It's our Kemps River branch at 5399 Kemps River Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23464.  Every employee at Kemps River is bilingual, so you'll always get the assistance you need.  Plus, there's always a bilingual representative in our Member Service Center, so whether you're calling in or visiting another branch, we'll have you covered.



Submitted by Donna J on

If my expiration date reads 08/12, does it expire at the beginning, or the end, of the month?

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