Start Out

WOW! What an exciting, but scary time to be in. When all kinds of decisions are popping up, just waiting for you to make a selection. Whether you are starting school, entering into the armed services or taking the step in the working world, we can help.

Checking Account

Checking Accounts

Generally, the first area that you need to establish is setting up a checking account. Don’t panic! Even though ABNB has a variety of checking accounts that may cause you even more anxiety, we’ve listed each of our checking account features and benefits so that you can compare and decide which would fit best with you.
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Need to establish credit?

Credit Cards

Whether you’re a student or on the job, a opening a small credit card may be a good idea for you. Most “starter-outers” don’t have any credit established…and obtaining a low-rate, low balance credit card is a great place to start. A low rate, low balance credit card is a good tool to have because this will be a teaching opportunity to help you maintain your payments, spend WISELY, all the while building a sound financial profile.
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Need money for college?

Student Loans

Paying for college can be tough, even with savings, federal loans, and scholarships....but it's one of the best investments you can make for your future. An ABNB Student Loan can help make your dreams of continuing on to college a reality. 
For more information about our student loans, click here.

Buying a Car?

Auto Loans

Buying wisely is an understatement. Even though the glammed-out convertible makes sense to you…it doesn’t bode well for your wallet/purse. Talk with an ABNB member service representative about getting pre-approved for your car loan before you go shopping. With an affordable monthly payment, the decision may come easier to you while looking for your SENSIBLE car.
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Not only does ABNB offer great options for a low rate auto loan, we also provide the following resources when financing your next vehicle:

  • Route 66 Extended Warranty. The most comprehensive coverage for all vehicles.
  • Members Assurance. Personal automobile or motorcycle policy, MAP&C will work with you to determine what coverages best fit your need.
  • GAP Protection. Covers the difference between your primary carrier's insurance settlement and the amount of your loan or lease - less delinquent payments, late charges, refundable service warranty contracts, and other insurance related charges.
  • Auto Loan Calculators. Find out how much your monthly payments may be.

Need Financial Counseling?


If you’ve jumped into the debt arena a little too early and made some not-to-great decisions, don’t worry we can help with that. We will work with you in reviewing your current credit profile and set about making a plan to tackle any problems. We have great financial counselors that will work with you through re-establishing your credit and getting you back on the right track.
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