Ready, Set, Finance 

You’ve got places to go, and we’ve got auto loans to help you get there. With competitive car loan options, rates, and terms, you’ll have no problem finding a flexible auto loan that fits your lifestyle. From new and used purchases to rate-friendly refinancing, we’re here to help you stay on budget while you’re out there on the road.  


Key Features

  • Competitive fixed rates on new and used vehicles 
  • 100% financing available 
  • Extensive term options tailored to your needs 
  • Pre-approval for extra bargaining power at the dealership 
  • Refinancing options for lower rates and monthly payments 
  • Local loan processing and decision making 
  • Personable and professional service from ABNB to Z

No two auto loans are the same, and who you borrow from can have major impacts on how much you pay over the life of your car loan. Different lenders come with different terms and conditions, annual percentage rates (APRs), and perks — including lease buyouts, pre-approvals, and car buying services.    

You’ll also want to consider who you’re buying from. Not just the name on the building, but the relationship you’ll build inside of it. When you finance with a local credit union like ABNB, where loan processing and decision making is made at the local level, you’ll get to know the person helping you finance your purchase. When you buy with the BIG banks, or an online-only bank, you’ll end up on an endless customer help line loop. 

ABNB BIG Banks Dealerships
ABNB is owned by members like you, meaning we’re in business to serve you. BIG banks often tout promotional rates for car loans, but often treat customers and other applicants like another number in the ledger. Dealerships have a variety of lenders that offer financing for customers.
Thanks to our business model, we’re able to offer lower interest rates than BIG banks and dealerships. With banks, you’re less likely to know who’s loaning you the money — let alone get the rates and terms you want. Dealerships can finance your vehicle using many different lenders, and request rates and terms from those lenders to provide to you.

When looking around for the best auto loan offers, keep these three things in mind: 

1) Your total purchase price 

Buying a car can be a headache, partially because there are so many numbers to keep track of. When you look at a car online, the cost is usually hidden behind a button that says “Call for price”? For starters, that’s their way of getting you in the dealership. The other reason is because car prices vary a lot.  

There’s the MSRP, or “manufacturer’s suggested retail price”, the options, the discounts, taxes, warranty options, and more. Your total purchase price is the cost of the car plus any add-ons the dealer might try to sell you before you leave with the keys. Your car loan's monthly cost is based on the TOTAL purchase price — NOT the MSRP.  

2) Your interest rate and APR 

The next factors that go into your car loan’s monthly cost are interest and APR. Unless you’re buying a car with all cash, any auto loan is likely going to carry some interest. The APR, or annual percentage rate, is the yearly interest created by the loan that you took out. And always remember, a higher interest rate equals a higher monthly payment.

3) Your loan terms 

Simply put: a loan term is how long you have to pay the loan off.  Longer terms generally come with lower monthly payments, but you’ll pay more interest over time. So, you might save money upfront with a longer term, but you’ll end up paying more overall. Likewise, a shorter term comes with higher monthly payments, but you’ll pay less interest.

Our online debt/payment protection process is simple, fast, and convenient. To file a Debt/Payment Protection claim call 800.621.6323 or visit Your Claim ( . Our mobile-friendly site gives you 24/7 access to your claim, so you can start a new claim, see your claims status or benefits details, and view FAQs. 

We have partnered with Enterprise Car Sales to offer you a seamless purchase experience with financing options to fit your needs. Whether you want to buy, sell or trade, we’re here to make it easy. Visit for details. 

Having an accident or your vehicle stolen means more than losing your ride. Why? Because most insurance policies only cover the value of your vehicle — something that rapidly declines during the first few years of ownership — which means your loan or lease balance could be higher than the value of your vehicle. GAP covers the difference between your primary carrier's insurance settlement and the amount of your loan or lease — less delinquent payments, late charges, refundable service warranty contracts, and other insurance related charges.

GAP benefits for new or used vehicles, including cars, light trucks, motorcycles and some other motorized vehicles may include the following for your protection:

  • Protection for the term of your loan up to 84 months
  • Coverage for vehicles valued up to $100,000 at time of purchase
  • Payment of benefits up to $50,000
  • Coverage for auto insurance deductibles up to $1,000 if a gap exists

Coverage varies by state. Contact us today at 757.523.5300 to learn more. Be informed and make sure you know the real value of the vehicle you're buying, not just what the seller claims it is. To find the value of your new or used vehicle, visit NADA.

Products offered through GAP Protection are not NCUA/NCUSIF or otherwise federally insured, are not guarantees or obligations of the credit union, and may involve investment risk including possible loss of principal. 

Are you prepared for a mechanical breakdown? Do you have the cash needed to pay for the rising cost of repairs? If you answered no to either of these questions then Mechanical Repair Coverage from TruStage * is an intelligent investment to ensure that you are covered if a mechanical breakdown happens. The price of vehicles are rising rise along with the costs of repairs. 

Mechanical Repair Coverage not only protects your investment from expensive mechanical breakdowns, but it also comes with your choice of a deductible, 24/7/365 Roadside Service, rental car benefits, 60-day money back guarantees, nationwide coverage, and is fully transferable. With Mechanical Repair Coverage Open Enrollment, you don’t have to get your warranty at the time of purchase. You can purchase it at any time during the life of the vehicle. Regardless if your vehicle is still under a manufacturer’s warranty, Mechanical Repair Coverage from TruStage has a great plan to fit your vehicle.


*Complete terms and provisions are contained within each Service Agreement. 

Not only do credit unions like ABNB offer better rates and loan terms, we also offer unique services like our car buying partnership with TrueCar to help members go through the purchasing process with less stress.  

With TrueCar, you can search for vehicles that match your preference, see what others have paid for similar vehicles, and get a pre-negotiated price. Even better? Purchases powered by this partnership receive a discounted interest rate.