Purchasing Power For Your Business

Every Business Interest Checking account comes with an ABNB Visa® debit card — a safe, secure, and convenient way to help your business pay for the things it needs every day. Even better? Your business debit card can be connected to convenient mobile payment apps like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay. 

Key Features

For You & Your Employees

No surprise, but business owners are busy and you’re not always the one handling the spending. When business transactions have to be handled by a trusted associate, our business debit cards are here to help. Whether it’s one card or several, we can issue these extra cards to authorized employees for purchases.

Business Debit Card Benefits vs. Checks

Plastic beats paper hands down, every day of the week, because debit cards are safe, secure, and trackable, plus they allow you to monitor business spending, watch expenses, and protect your business from fraud.  Here are the key benefits:

  • Free debit card with your Business Interest Checking Account
  • Instantly issued and easily replaced in our branches if lost or stolen  
  • Mobile payment integration with Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay
  • EMV chip protection, fraud detection, and transaction disputes
  • 24/7 access to ATM withdrawals nationwide
  • Easy expense tracking with online banking
  • Eliminates the cost of checks

Fraud Protection 

If you suspect your business debit card has been used for fraudulent purchases, or if you’ve noticed any discrepancies in your checking account, our fraud protection services can help you verify debit card transactions.

To verify purchases, report a lost or stolen debit card, or to initiate a dispute, call 833.917.2182