Build your business with a better line of credit.

Finding the best deals is second nature for business owners, which is why ABNB’s business line of credit is a no-brainer.  

Key Features

In short, a business line of credit is a loan. Unlike standard business loans or credit cards, which come with higher interest rates, our business line of credit features competitive fixed or variable rates and interest-only payments. Depending on the amount and your creditworthiness, you may qualify for a secured or unsecured credit line. 

Simply put, it’s the smarter, more consistent option for business owners both small and large.  

Some businesses use lines of working capital to maintain operations, pay for inventory, and manage payroll during slower times. Others use them for business improvements or pay for other business expenses without having to use high-interest credit cards. Unlike other business loans, your line of credit comes with the freedom and flexibility to use it whenever you need it. 

Drawing from your business line of credit is simple, plus you can enroll in overdraft protection, make payments via online banking, or visit your local ABNB branch to make withdrawals.  

  • Competitive rates  
  • Secured and unsecured business lines 
  • Tailor-made monthly repayment terms 
  • Ready-to-use funds 
  • Revolving credit (the more you pay, the more you can use) 
  • Credit decisions made at the local level, not by some mega corporation 
  • Personalized service