A high return savings solution that means business.  

Business capital is important, and profit is key. So, start planning for your company’s future today and be prepared for unanticipated expenses. We’re proud to offer business certificates that provide your business with a better way to invest, AND deliver a higher rate of return.

With fixed interest rates that don’t fluctuate with market changes, and terms that range from six months to five years, we’ve got short and long-term business certificate solutions ready to go. Open today with just $1,000.

Key Features

Invest in your business’ future

In business, savings accounts and certificates can help owners save for tax payments or larger than anticipated bills with higher rates of interest. The money your business sets aside — and the interest it earns with a business certificate can help your business thrive.

Why a business certificate?

A certificate is an efficient way to save for the future with a higher rate of return than a regular savings account. ABNB’s business certificate terms range from six months to five years, meaning your company can save for those unexpected expenses or save for other things that may need funding down the road. Like traditional accounts, the more you put in, the more you’ll get back.

Key benefits include:

  • Higher returns than savings and money market accounts 
  • Fixed Certificate rates and 6 to 60-month terms 

Are there early withdrawal penalties?

Yes, there are early withdrawal penalties because of the higher locked in rate of return on your money.* 


* Early withdrawal penalty may apply to all certificates at 15-day x original term of dividends on amount withdrawn.