The smartest (and coolest) way to manage your money. 

Banking with ABNB is already super convenient, but what if — instead of whipping out your phone or laptop to check your bank account balances — you could simply ask “Hey Alexa, how much money do I have in my checking account?”

With an ABNB checking account, it’s possible.  

Key Features

Alexa is Amazon’s virtual assistant that operates through Amazon Echo devices. It can tell you the weather, if your favorite sports team is winning, and now it can tell you about your bank account for truly hands-free, voice-enabled banking. It’s free and it’s available 24/7 from wherever you are.  

You’ll be able to check your account balances, review recent transactions, and even transfer money between connected accounts. For example: 

Straight As on your child’s report card? “Hey Alexa, transfer $20 to Ryan’s checking account.”  

Want to pay your credit card bill? “Hey Alexa, transfer $50 to my ABNB credit card.” 

Need to find out how much you spent at Target this month? Alexa can help with that, too — just say, “Alexa, how much did I spend at Target this month?”

Best of all, Alexa-enabled banking is totally secure – meaning your banking information remains private and confidential. No one else can access your finances because it’s linked to your very own voice-enabled bank account.  

To get started, make sure you have online/mobile banking with ABNB, then check out our Alexa User Guide. It’ll tell you how to enable Alexa Skills and link your Amazon device. Good to go!