Liquid capital for now and later.

In business, you need working capital for today and a strong safety net for tomorrow. An ABNB Business Money Market account can provide readily available liquidity right now and savings for unexpected expenses down the road. You’ll also earn competitive returns with tiered interest rates that boost your earnings the more you invest.

Key Features

How They Work

Business money market accounts work just like business savings accounts and certificates of deposits. Money goes in, interest accumulates over time, and money comes out when you need it. Here are key differences you need to know:

Business Savings

Business Money Markets

Certificates of Deposit

Standard interest rates Higher interest rates that provide better returns than standard savings Premium interest rates, with the ability to access cash after the term is up
Freely accessible cash as needed Freely accessible cash as needed Money with interest is available only after the term is up; Early withdrawals face penalties
Low/no opening deposits required Opening deposits often required Opening deposits often required
Great for everyday savings Great for short- and long-term savings Great for long-term savings

Business Money Market Account Benefits

Thanks to their flexibility, security, and ability to earn interest, our Business Money Market Accounts are ideal ‘secondary’ savings solutions for emergencies, large expenses, and even for tax payments. Remember, putting aside small amounts of cash over time can result in large gains. Once you make an initial deposit of just $1,000, you can always make additional deposits to earn even more money over time which provides your business with ready access to the cash you need.

Additional Perks

  • Competitive, tiered interest rates (higher balances earn higher rates)
  • Easy, instant access to your business’s money
  • Free online & mobile banking
  • Free eStatements