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How do I set up Direct Deposit?

Direct Deposit is the best way to assure that your paycheck will be quickly and securely deposited into your account on payday. Best of all, members can have access to their Direct Deposit up to one business day earlier than their actual pay date, depending on their employer. If you’re interested in setting up Direct Deposit now, please use our convenient ClickSWITCH self-service tool, or call the Member Service Center at 757.523.5300. 

How can I reset my password if I am locked out of Online/Mobile Banking?

If you click on the Forgot Your Password link, you will be able to easily reset your password. If you’re still having trouble, please call the Member Service Center at 757.523.5300 or 800.443.1141.

Why can't I view my account in Online/Mobile Banking?

Please check your desktop computer’s Security Settings first. You’ll need to have a 128-bit encryption code, and your cookies need to be enabled. If you continue having issues, please send us a secure message via the Message Center inside online banking.

Why are there limits for transferring funds from dividend bearing deposit accounts? 

Federal Regulations limit the number of transfers that can be done each calendar month. You can transfer up to six times a month from a dividend bearing deposit account through Self-Service Telephone Banking, Online/Mobile Banking, calling the Member Service Center, or the system automatically transferring funds to cover an item that has been presented to your account. Once six monthly transactions are reached, you must visit a branch, call the Member Service Center at 757.523.5300 or 800.443.1141, or transfer funds using an ATM.

How do I order checks online?

If there have been no changes to your design since your last order, please follow the directions inside Online/Mobile Banking. If you continue to have issues, please call our Member Service Center at 757.523.5300 or 800.443.1141.

How can I make credit card payments?

Simply log into Online/Mobile Banking and transfer the payment directly from your account. Please note that it may take 2-5 business days for the payments to clear your account. Credit card payments can also be mailed to our Corporate Office: 830 Greenbrier Circle, Chesapeake, VA 23320. In addition, you can mail payments to the address on your monthly credit card statement: PO Box 6818 Carol Stream, IL 60197. Please allow 7-10 business days for payments to be received by mail.

What can I do if my debit or credit card is lost or stolen?

To report a lost or stolen debit or credit card, please call 866.839.3485.

To get balance information for your credit card, call 866.839.3409.

To file a dispute, please call 800.600.5249.

Can I change my debit and credit card PIN numbers? 

Yes. To change the PIN number on your debit card, call 800.757.9848 from the phone number that's listed on your account. If you know your PIN, call 866.297.3411. 
To change the PIN number on your credit card, call 866.839.3409 from the phone number that's listed on your account and press option 7. If you know your PIN, call 866-297.3408 and press option 7.

How do I transfer money from my ABNB accounts to other financial institutions?

The best option is to log into Online/Mobile Banking and select the Transfers button. Select the Classic tab, click on Add an external account and fill in the information. Then you’re good to go.

In addition, wire transfer requests may be made in person at a branch location, or via fax to the Member Service Center at 757.523.5744. The official ABNB Wire Transfer Request form must be faxed along with an appropriate ID. No other request forms are acceptable. To finish this process, you must be reachable at the phone number we have on file for verification purposes. For reference, your contact information cannot have changed in the past 30 days. If any contact information has changed in the last 30 days, the wire transfer must be done in person at one of our convenient branch locations.

Why is there a difference in my account balance and the available balance?

If you use a debit card, the amount is placed on hold until the transaction clears or for a maximum 48-hour period. If you’ve made an ATM deposit, it will be on hold for 24-48 hours.

How do I change my address?

There are two ways to change your address: 

  • The best way to change your address is to log in to your Online/Mobile Banking account, choose Profile and follow the instructions to submit changes to your contact information. Please note: Foreign or APO/FPO addresses cannot be changed online, so simply fax your request along with a copy of your photo ID to 757.523.5744.
  • Visit any of our conveniently located branches

What is ABNB's Routing Number?

ABNB Federal Credit Union’s Routing Number is 251481627.

A transaction that I did not make has cleared my account. What do I do?

Please submit a dispute form within 60 days in order to dispute the transaction. If you need assistance, please call our Member Service Center at 757.523.5300 or 800.443.1141,email [email protected] or visit a branch to dispute the charges.

Please note: If the transaction was from your Visa debit card or your credit card, you must call the number below as branches cannot dispute these transactions.

To initiate a fraud or dispute claim, call 800.600.5249

If a fraudulent purchase is suspected on your debit card, Falcon/Enfact will contact you directly to verify the transaction. For your reference, to ensure this is a legitimate call, here are the numbers that should appear on your Caller ID: 800-369-4887 or 727.570.4881 (International). To report a lost or stolen debit or credit card, please call 866.839.3485.

What can I do if I'm a victim of Identity Theft?

If you think your account information has been compromised, please report it to the Member Service Center immediately at 757.523.5300 so we can take action. Click here for more information, tips and resources on preventing ID theft, and you’ll also get specific information on what to do if you’ve become a victim.

How can I avoid common ID theft scams such as Phishing?

Learn about recommendations on how to avoid becoming a victim of ID theft scams, such as phishing, vishing, and other forms of stealing your sensitive personal information.