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Financial Coaching

ABNB is proud to be your financial institution of choice. We also strive to be your trusted financial partners for life. We all face so many unexpected twists and turns in our daily lives, dealing with them and keeping your finances in order can be stressful. ABNB's Financial Coaching Representatives are here to assist you — no matter what your situation is. We don't judge you or your situation and are dedicated to helping you get financially fit. 

Listed below are three different programs geared towards improving your individual situation. In addition, we periodically offer FREE financial seminars covering specific financial issues of interest to our members. 

Budget coaching is offered FREE of charge to ABNB members who simply want to find out where they stand financially. A personalized and confidential spending plan is developed, your credit report is carefully reviewed, any necessary financial issues are discussed and resolved, and then specific recommendations are made.

Budget coaching topics include: 

  • Developing short and long term goals
  • A review of your current financial situation
  • Plans to implement specific modifications in your current strategy to enable you to reach those goals
  • Professional assistance every step of the way in the process

Money Management is a short-term program (3 to 6 months) offered FREE of charge to ABNB members who:

  • Have enough money to pay their financial obligations but don't seem to be establishing or meeting financial goals
  • Can meet their financial obligations but seem to be getting further behind not matter what they do

In addition to the financial coaching you receive, you will work with the financial coach one-on-one to strengthen your financial decision-making skills for the long haul.

Debt Management is a long-term program (1 to 5 years) offered FREE of charge to ABNB members who are in serious financial debt, where their monthly obligations are equal to or exceed their monthly income. We take this situation very seriously and will do everything in our power to help overcome these issues. 

Through the Debt Management Program:

  • Financial priorities and lifestyles are adjusted
  • Payments to creditors are often reworked and lowered in a fair and equitable manner enabling you to meet all of your financial obligations

Debt Management is the preferred alternative to bankruptcy which can have long-lasting negative effects. It can work. Don't wait until it is too late to seek help. Call the Financial Coaching Department directly at (757) 523-5380 for a confidential appointment!