Protect yourself and your finances from fraudulent purchases with CardValet®.

Credit card and bank fraud are extremely common types of identity theft, and if you don’t take the right steps to protect yourself, you could be next.

Luckily, ABNB offers free access to CardValet, our enhanced security program that protects your debit and credit cards from fraud — anytime, anywhere. Best of all? CardValet is completely free for ABNB members. Enroll today in minutes by downloading the CardValet app on your phone.  

Key Features

First up, fraud protection. 

Identity theft and card fraud are on the rise. Whether it’s through skimming at local point-of-sale terminals, physical theft, data breaches, or phishing, scammers have many ways to steal your sensitive information and access your personal finances. CardValet puts a solid barrier between your cash and the fraudsters.  

With CardValet, you’ve got access to an “on/off switch” that can turn your card on or off from any location. When it’s off, no purchases or withdrawals will go through. When it’s on, you’ll receive real-time alerts whenever a registered card is used. In addition, you can use more advanced controls to ensure card usage is only allowed in specific locations or geographic areas.  

Safety, security, and control over credit card spending. 

CardValet makes online/mobile banking safe and secure, while offering better, more convenient ways to manage your finances. The CardValet app also allows you to set spending limits or specify spending levels for various merchants (like gas, groceries, or retail purchases). Like fraud protection, these settings can also be set based on location. Going on vacation? Spending a little more than you usually would around the holidays? Open the CardValet app and customize your transaction controls to your current spending habits.  

The CardValet app is available for both Android and iPhone, and registration is easy:

  1. Register your card(s) by selecting New User in the app 
  2. Enter the credit or debit card’s 16-digit number 

Note: If the incorrect information is entered three times, you’ll have to wait 30 minutes before trying again. It might seem inconvenient, but it’s yet another way we’re protecting your information and finances.